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New Zealanders will experience mental health difficulties this year. The good news is that effective treatments exist.


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Illumen are a growing team of Clinical Psychologists and mental health specialists. We combine science, theory, and clinical experience to help people with issues that are getting in the way of living.

Food For Thought
July 4, 2020

We need to change the way we think about mental health

  What would happen if we weren't so stoic and secretive about psychological difficulties? Illumen Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Harvey gives her take on the stigma of seeing a psychologist.   “Did you manage to get away from work today ok?” I ask my client.. “Yeah, no problem, I just tell my boss you’re my physio”. It’s something I hear often,…
April 25, 2020

Sleep in the Time of Coronavirus

If you’re having trouble sleeping, having wacky vivid dreams, or feeling unusually tired during the day at the moment, rest assured there’s nothing wrong with you. These are all normal reactions to highly abnormal events.   A lot of people are describing feeling unusually tired at the moment, sleeping worse, and noticing strange things happening in their dreams. What does science tell…
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April 16, 2020

Life after Lockdown

When the ‘chips are down’, how does our psychology and mindset contribute to how well we adjust? It’s something we’ve all had a taste of over the past 4 weeks during the COVID-19 national lockdown. As we start to contemplate what life will hold over the coming weeks and months, this seems more relevant than ever.    Dr Paul Wood,…
Client Testimonials

In the time I have been consulting with Kathryn my life has improved in a number of areas. There has been clear professional growth and my personal relations are better than they ever have been. Crucially, Kathryn has introduced me to a number of techniques that enable me to handle my day-to-day pressures better than in the past.

At first, I was unconvinced by the processes of psychology and therapy. Now, it is a crucial part of my routine and I have Kathryn to thank for her meticulous and thoughtful work


Stephen was great. It was so nice to have someone acknowledge and understand what I needed help with for so long. I feel that he has given me my life back so I can be me again


Thanks to Kathryn I have so many practical tools and techniques which work and I was able to select these from so many that we trialled. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone wanting a more practical approach to therapy, counselling or coaching; particularly if you are interested in building skills that assist long term!

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I have found Stephen’s guidance and help life changing. His treatment and respect and understanding for me and my problems was outstanding. The tools he has given me will help me for the rest of my life


I had been in a state of deep depression and suicidal for many years when I was referred to Kathryn. Kathryn has helped me navigate my way through and out of this part of my life, teaching and coaching me in new ways of thinking and dispelling distressing thoughts and thought patterns. Kathryn has provided continuity from one session to the next drawing on a vast knowledge and understanding. I have found her to be clear, calm, supportive and highly practical. Thank you Kathryn”


The sessions with Stephen have been incredibly helpful. He did not judge me and made me feel very comfortable while helping me gain insight and strategies to deal with my struggles. Thank you so much.


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