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Food For Thought
July 4, 2020

We need to change the way we think about mental health

  What would happen if we weren't so stoic and secretive about psychological difficulties? Illumen Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Harvey gives her take on the stigma of seeing a psychologist.   “Did you manage to get away from work today ok?” I ask my client.. “Yeah, no problem, I just tell my boss you’re my physio”. It’s something I hear often,…
April 25, 2020

Sleep in the Time of Coronavirus

If you’re having trouble sleeping, having wacky vivid dreams, or feeling unusually tired during the day at the moment, rest assured there’s nothing wrong with you. These are all normal reactions to highly abnormal events.   A lot of people are describing feeling unusually tired at the moment, sleeping worse, and noticing strange things happening in their dreams. What does science tell…
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April 16, 2020

Life after Lockdown

When the ‘chips are down’, how does our psychology and mindset contribute to how well we adjust? It’s something we’ve all had a taste of over the past 4 weeks during the COVID-19 national lockdown. As we start to contemplate what life will hold over the coming weeks and months, this seems more relevant than ever.    Dr Paul Wood,…
October 26, 2019

Mindfulness for Mental Health

Mindfulness. What is it and how can improve our mental health? Illumen's Dr Amy Granberg on the benefits of this ancient practice.    Mindfulness practice can impact the way we respond to stress and regulate our emotions. Why is this? It’s likely you've heard of the term mindfulness, and perhaps know something about it, or have even given it a go? Mindfulness is a centuries…
August 24, 2019

Mastering Schema Therapy

Illumen Director and Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Harvey walks us through her latest training - Advanced  Schema Therapy.    Kate is a 35 year old woman, single, working as a lawyer. She feels pressure to be perfect in both her professional and personal life.  Although she rarely makes them, small mistakes at work are like catastrophes, and she feels totally incompetent. She feels this deeply, in her body.…
May 20, 2019

VR for flying phobias – what we’ve been up to

Flying anxiety is fairly common – from full-fledged phobias to others who just feel uneasy for various reasons. A lot of people just assume that flying fear relates to something bad happening, like crashing, but more often than not, it actually relates to a fear of feeling trapped, panicking, and losing control. We work with a lot of clients at…
April 15, 2019

Imposter Syndrome

DO YOU FREQUENTLY DOUBT YOURSELF IN THE WORKPLACE? YOU MIGHT HAVE IMPOSTER SYNDROME   Illumen Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Harvey spoke with Katie May Ruscoe about this increasingly common experience. A new generation of young women is charging into the workforce — and crushing it.  So why do so many feel like they don’t belong? Katie May Ruscoe unmasks the phenomenon…
April 11, 2019

Virtual Realities

Virtual Realities Illumen Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Harvey on Virtual Reality and how it's changing the game in psychology.   I remember the first time I had a panic attack – I was a stopped in a tunnel, in a traffic jam, and completely out of the blue my heart started racing, my breathing went haywire, and it felt like I…
WE ARE moving
Illumen has a new home. From April 29th 2024, we will be practicing from our new space, 52 College Hill, Freemans Bay. All sessions before then, will be held at our current site in Grey Lynn.
Illumen has a new home. From April 29th 2024, we will be practicing from our new space, 52 College Hill, Freemans Bay. All sessions before then, will be held at our current site in Grey Lynn.