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Assessment & Formulation

Psychologists are experts in both psychological assessment and formulation.

The assessment process takes into account a person’s experiences, history, and life events, to understand certain problems. The psychological formulation process is a joint effort between you and the Psychologist to summarise your difficulties, to explain why they may be happening and to make sense of them.

At Illumen, we are trained in the assessment and formulation of a range of issues and experiences. We use this process to select what therapy modality will be most effective, and to help you set treatment goals.

Psychologists can also provide a clinical diagnosis if this is required.

Areas of


  • Psychological assessment and formulation across a broad range of issues, including mood issues, anxiety, personality patterns, substance use, and risk issues.
  • Cognitive screening
  • Child Autism Spectrum assessments
  • Adult ADHD assessments