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What to expect

Sessions at Illumen are usually 50 minutes, although your first session may be longer in order to get a good understanding of all your experiences

The first session is dedicated to finding out about what has prompted you to seek help and considering what approach will best get you to where you want to be. This will involve talking through all the issues, as well as finding out about what is important to you, including your values, strengths, and sources of meaning in your life. We’ll come up with a treatment plan, which you will then begin working through together.

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WE ARE moving
Illumen has a new home. From April 29th 2024, we will be practicing from our new space, 52 College Hill, Freemans Bay. All sessions before then, will be held at our current site in Grey Lynn.
Illumen is accepting new therapy clients. Depending on your needs, and therapist suitability, the current wait time for our Grey Lynn Clinic is approximately 2-3 weeks. If you would like to get your life back on track, or need help for any reason, please reach out and speak to one of our team to see if we're the right place for you.